Les Habits Noirs

Real Names

Colonel Bozzo-Corona, Lecos de la Periera, Margurite Sadalous, Coyatier, Saladin, etc.

First Appearance

Les Mystères de Londres (1843–44)

Original Serialized in

Le Courrier Français

Created by

Paul Feval


The Habits Noirs (The Blackcoats) are a powerful international crime syndicate.  They began as the Camorra in southern Italy and the Veste Nere in Corsica, the Brothers of Mercy, The Companions of Silence, and in England, The Gentlemen of The Night

Notorious members include (In the actual Habits Noirs series):

Colonel Bozzo-Corona, The Il Padre Diogni/Pere-A-Tous (The Allfather):  The seemingly immortal ruler.

Lecos de la Periera (aka Toulonnias L'Amitie): The Colonel's right hand man, who also runs a corrupt detective agency.

Margurite Sadalous la Comtesse DeClare: A notorious Femme Fatale.

Coyatier, The Marchef: The order's top Assassin, whose hand even other criminals are afraid to shake.

Saladin, The Sword Swallower: Son of Simolor (and also raised by Echolat) who took over the order in 1866.

From other earlier Paul Feval Novels retroactively made in the same continuity:

Tom Brown, alias John Devil The Quaker (in German, Hans Teufel):  He may or may not be the same person as Henri de Belcamp, or just his half brother.

Thomas Paddock: The original John Devil.

Helen Brown: A jewel thief and the mother of Tom Brown/Henri Belcamp.

Sarah O'Neil (born Sarah O'Brien): A femme fatale who is Tom Brown's most trusted ally, and a patriotic Irish national.

Ned Knob: A short, artful Dodger.

Mr. Wood: An elderly man who first lead Helen into a life of crime.

Fergus O'Breanne (alias The Marquis de Rio-Santo): The Lord of The Night who ruled the Gentlemen of the Night.  Crime was just a means to an end for him however, as his goal was to destroy the British Empire and liberate Ireland.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

Novels by Paul Feval:

Les Mysteries de Londres 1843-1844

Bel Demonio 1850

Les Compagnons du Silence 1857

Jean Diable 1862

Les Habits Noirs 1863

Coeur d'Acier 1865

L'Avaleur de Sabres 1867

La Rue de Jerusalem 1867-1868

L'Arme de Invisible 1869

Les Compagnons du Tresor 1870, 1871-1872

La Bande Cadet 1874-1875

  • Stage plays by Paul Feval:

Les Mysteries de Lodnres 184?

Novels by Jules Cardoze:

Les Batards de Rocomboles 1886

English Translations:

The Mysteries of London, or Revelations of the British Metropolis 1847

The Woman of Mystery (A very Abridged Translation of Bel Demonio)

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