Hale the Magician

Real Name


First Appearance

Dynamic Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler

Created by


Golden Age Origin

Hale was a 15th century impoverished Spanish nobleman who along with his son, who also was named Hale, traveled to South America to find riches. However when he arrived in the New World, he discovered that the Spanish were massacring the natives. Hale and his son were disgusted by the actions of Conquistadors and decided to help the native Maoni tribe. Hale dies in battle, but the Maoni harnessed lightning to drive the attackers off. The young Hale survives the battle and is allowed to undergo an initiation rite during which he fights in a monster filled cave.

Kingu, the elderly chief, was so impressed by his valor that he declares Hale as his successor. Hale is taught "natural and supernatural science and magic". Kingu enchants Hale's spearhead to hold the rest of his power because the old king's time on this Earth was not long enough to teach everything to Hale. A member of the Maoni named Numi tries to steal the spearhead by stabbing Hale in the back. Numi is strangled by Kingu before the thief could uses the spearhead, but Hale could not be revived. The tribe seals Hale in a mountain top tomb inside a glass case knowing that someday his magic would revive him. Afterward, Kingu dies from a broken heart and the tribe is destroyed during a civil war.

In 1941, Henry Starrett and his daughter Lois followed Hale's legend and found his tomb. After waiting months to witness Hale's return, Henry decided to break the glass himself. This action immediately kills Henry as punishment for forcefully awakening the magician. Once awakened Hale consoled Lois's grief. He accompanied her back to the States and decided to use his magic spearhead to fight for justice.


Casting in modern clothing.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Dynamic Comics #1
  • Punch Comics #1-2, 9, 12
  • Captain Battle Comics #3
  • Snap Comics #9
  • Authentic Police Cases #1

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