Real Name


First Appearance

Target Comics #11 (1940)

Original Publisher

Novelty Press

Created by

Dick Hamilton


Hammerfist was a mob boss working out of mid-town Manhattan, as an agent of a crime syndicate based in Chicago and lead by the Mighty Mite. He framed local district attorney Bill Reed for murder, which led to his death and led to his brother Niles becoming the hero known as the "Target." Hammerfist later terrorized a series of night clubs, hoping to scare them into selling cheap.

Hammerfist was described as a hulk of a man, and his right hand was replaced with a large and heavy gold knob which he used to strike down his enemies. He managed to knock out at least two of the three Targeteers. He also carried a gun, and killed quite a few people, including law enforcement officers and public officials.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Target Comics #11
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