Herbert West, Reanimator
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Real Name

Dr. Herbert West

First Appearance

Home Brew #1 (1922)

Original Publisher

George Julian Houtain

Created by

H. P. Lovecraft


Herbert West was a doctor who became obssessed with cheating death and created a special serum, which could be injected into a main artery of the recently deceased in order to bring them back to life. Unfortunately, the process turns them into violent (though, intelligent) zombies.

West was a student at Miskatonic University, but he was largely ostracized by his fellow students for his radical theories. After becoming a licensed doctor, he set up a practice in the town of Bolton in New England, near a cemetary. He later served as a medic during World War I, in order to procure fresh bodies. After reanimating his commanding office, Major Sir Eric Moreland Clapham-Lee, the major returned, leading a small army of zombies, and they tore West to shreds.

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