Public Domain Super Heroes
Herman Lasher

Real Name

Herman Lasher

First Appearance

Weird Tales of the Future #3 (Sept. 1952)

Original Publisher

Key Publications

Created by

Basil Wolverton


Herman Lasher develops a chemical concoction to summon the "powers of the subconscious mind". He drinks the formula, and falls unconscious. He finds himself in a strange place. As he describes it, "a dream turned to reality!"

Herman explores the strange world, when he is suddenly accosted by the Other Creature. It glides away on its outstretched skin, akin to that of a flying squirrel, and carries Lasher away to its cave.

In the cave, Lasher is horrified to see yet another creature laying on the surface of a rock, it's skull skillfully opened and the brain removed. The Other Creature is holding a knife, and Herman realizes its intentions are to place Herman's brain in the body of the brainless creature. He struggles against the Other Creature, but is subdued and rendered unconscious.

When Herman awakes, he finds the operation was successful and his brain now resides in the body of the creature. Herman sees his human body crumpled lifeless to the floor of the cave. He lashes out at the Other Creature with the claws in his new body, tearing open the Other's throat and killing it.

He throws himself off a cliff in an attempt to "end the nightmare". After falling into what seems to be a "bottomless pit", he wakes up in his laboratory. Unfortunately, he is brutally shocked to discover he retains the body of the creature.

Powers and Abilities

Once his brain is transferred to the creature's body, Herman Lasher maintains the ability of a gliding flight, strength enough to carry a human easily, and deadly claws on his hands.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Tales of the Future #3