Swami Heshug

Real Name


First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #7 (Oct. 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Belknap Long, R.S. Pious


Newspaper photographer Bill Carlton and reporter Trudy Roland work for a newspaper called Graphic. They team up to expose spiritualist charlatans as frauds who falsely claim to raise spirits of dead people.

The pair capture Swami Heshug in the act of faking a ghost. He threatens them when they say they plan to publish the expose in the Graphic. When the story is published, it takes second billing to the headline about the execution of "Cat" Harris, who was a convicted murderer.

Heshug decides to use a ritual involving a burning concoction of chemicals to raise the spirit of Harris. Bill and Trudy are at the cemetery to take a picture of Harris' headstone. Bill sees the spirit of Harris rise from the grave. He takes a picture, later discovering the spirit of Heshug is there as well.

Bill and Trudy sneak into Swami Heshug's home. Trudy disappears through a trap door while Bill isn't looking. She is taken prisoner by Heshug and the spirit of Cat Harris. Bill follows with hazel twigs to defeat the swami, but finds he has lost them. He confronts Heshug. Bill punches the swami. Heshug notices his herbs are nearly used up, causing him to lose control of Harris' spirit. To maintain a sense of control over Harris, Heshug brandishes a silver letter opener. Swami Heshug trips and falls on the blade, killing himself. Harris disappears, as one way to stop such a spirit is to kill the wizard who created it with a weapon of silver.

Powers and abilities

Swami Heshug is adept at prestidigitation. He can mix chemicals and herbs to use in the ritual raising of dead spirits. He can also transmit his spirit in an intangible and translucent form.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #7
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