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Greek mythology, Classical period

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The Greeks


Hippolyta was the daughter of Ares, the God of War and Otrera, the former Queen of the Amazon Warriors. Ares eventually gave Hippolyta a girdle that signified her authority as the new Queen of the Amazons. Hippolyta may have had several different names, or she may have had sisters named Antiope, Melanippe, and Penthesilea who were also Queens of the Amazons.

The ninth labor of Heracles was retrieving Hippolyta’s girdle.

Public Domain Literary Appearances[]

Public domain movie appearance[]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Eugene Mullin and William Shakespeare, dir. Charles Kent, prod. J. Stuart Blackton, Vitagraph Studios, 1909.

Public Domain Comic Appearances[]

  • Captain Marvel Adventures #18: Hippolyta lends her strength to Mary Marvel, becoming the H in SHAZAM! The wizard Shazam claims she is an old friend.
  • (as Hippolyte) Boy Comics #9: Hippolyta meets the time traveler, Yankee Longago who teaches her how to be more feminine.

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