Homem-Barata (Cockroach-Man)

Real Name

João Barata

First Appearance

Homem-Grilo Fanzine #0 (Aug. 2001)

Created by

Cadú Simões, Ricardo Marcelino, & Rodrigo Monteiro


As a child, João Barata already demonstrated an amazing ability to handle electronic equipment. He used to disassemble equipment and household appliances to see how they worked, but for the fate of their country, he rode the back, making them work even better than before.

A poor family, had to work early to help with household bills, and worked in various positions and functions where he could use his skills as an electrical technician or as repair workshop. Despite the difficulties, John completed his studies and managed to graduate in mechatronics engineering, then get a job in a large automation company.

Barata is a born inventor, and always invented various trinkets that could help people in their day to day lives. He repeatedly showed his inventions to his bosses in the hope that the company might begin to produce them, but he always got no for an answer, and the argument was always that inventions would not have a good market acceptance. Disillusioned, Barata decided to leave the company and decided to start his own business, a small service workshop. But behold, years later, he saw some of his inventions being released as products by the company where he worked. He filed a lawsuit in court alleging theft of its patents, but through illegal means and bribery of judges, his former company got away with it. Roach had spent years of his life watching other people enriching the expense of their inventions. Years later, when he retired, and had to settle for a paltry retirement that barely paid his monthly expenses. And on top had to put up with the massive queues of Social Security and the constant strikes by employees.


Unhappy and disgusted with everything that had been until then, Barata decided that no more would he be a "nice gentleman". He then used all his skill to build an armor for heavily armed combat, with a sturdy shell inspired by the shape of a cockroach. Now nobody would step on him, and so he entered the world of crime and went on to rob several banks and large companies. Thus was born, the fearsome Homem-Barata (Man-Roach). But the assaults are just a source of resources so that he can execute his plans for world domination, and thus establish a government where he is the Supreme Lord and where all must obey. But so far the plans have been frustrated by Homem-Grilo.


The license used to release the Homem-Grilo comic book series into the public domain states that all aspects of his comic series (including the supporting cast) can be used by others to create derivative works for commercial gain but, you must give creator credit.