Real Name

Carlos Parducci

First Appearance


Created by

Cadu Simões and Ricardo Marcelino - Creator


Homem-Grilo (Cricket-Man) is a comic character created by Cadu Simões and Ricardo Marcelino - Creator. Carlos Parducci was a young man like any other to be bitten by a radioactive cricket. The character was freed by the authors through the Creative Commons Share-Alike.

From the characters' website regarding the question, "What is Homem-Grilo?":

The simplest answer to this question would be to say that the Cricket-Man is a superhero .

But he is much more than that! In fact, it is the union of all the superheroes . The man of steel, the dark knight, the children of the atom, the buddy neighborhood . Cricket-Man has a little bit of each.

Sure it would be impossible to put all existing archetypes into a single character. But for this there are other superheroes in this story that complement the Cricket-Man and help in the eternal struggle against evil in Osasco City and its neighboring cities (Shit City and Alpha City). Among them we can mention the Camaleão Cinzento, the WebBlack and his faithful partner, Robitto, Musculoso, and many more .

But there's only Super - Heroes in this story ? Not ! It also has super - villains! Mad scientists, boazudas thieves, gangsters, ninjas, space invaders and monsters from other dimensions . All of them wanting to dominate the world or simply have a taste of the Cricket-Man.

Cliches classic universe of superheroes is also not lacking. They are used and abused all the time to create unusual and nonsensical situations . Added to that elements of our own culture, blending everything into a large "melting pot of ideas", then popping up a story that can not even be original (and that story is really original?), but it tries to be funny and fun .

So you 're saying that Cricket-Man is a parody of superheroes? Would , if it were not for the fact the stories of superheroes are already a comedy apart. Is there anything more ridiculous than someone using underwear over their pants ? Or a guy who fights crime with a bat costume? What you say to me then someone who was bitten by a radioactive spider? More ridiculous than that, even just someone who was "bitten" by a radioactive cricket!

But, well, back to the original question : Who is the Cricket-Man? I can tell he is a superhero like any other, and yet different from all.


The license used to release the character into the public domain states that all appearances of his comic series can be used by others to create derivative works for commercial gain but, you must give creator credit.

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