Dash Dartwell the Human Meteor

Real Name

Dash (Dashford) Dartwell

First Appearance

Amazing-Man Comics #22 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Francis Campbell

Golden Age Origin

Dash Dartwell was a college athlete at Dravrah University. He was given Metabo-tablets by his bio-chemistry professor, Dr. Drew Moss. The pills gave him powers such as superhuman speed and recovery. Each tablet's effect only lasted for a comparatively short time. He used the pills to win an inter-college track meet against rival school Elay University, breaking four world records at the same time. The press dubbed him the Human Meteor, a name he later used when he decided to use his new abilities to fight criminals such as Slug.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Amazing-Man Comics #21-22
  • Stars and Stripes Comics #2
  • The Arrow #3


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