Public Domain Super Heroes
The Human Torch

Real Name


First Appearance

Marvel Comics #1 (Oct. 1939)

Original Publisher

Timely Comics

Created by

Carl Burgos


One day, Professor Horton held a press conference to display his newest creation: The world's first android. However, when the media saw that the android could be set on fire and could not control the flames, they demanded it be destroyed. Not wanting to do so, the Professor placed the android in a glass tank surrounded by concrete in the hopes of one day discovering how the flames could be controlled.

Some time later, an explosion was heard and the android, now called the Human Torch, was gone. Running across two get-rich-quick schemers, they attempted to sell the android for a profit but, couldn't find a buyer. A battle ensued and the schemers were killed.

The Human Torch then displayed to the authorities that he could control his flames and promptly told of the schemers' plans. The court ruled the android could be left in the care of the Professor. However, once they were home, the Professor also expressed an interest in making money off his flame power, resulting in the Human Torch to realize that humans would only continue to use him for their selfish purposes and escaped through the ceiling to be free.

Powers and Abilities

  • The Human Torch could completely engulf himself in flames, making himself lighter than air and giving him the ability to fly. He could also created flame balls that he could throw.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Marvel Comics #1


  • Although the Human Torch meeting the Sub-Mariner in Marvel Mystery Comics #8 is commonly believed to be the first crossover in American comic books, MLJ's teaming up of the Wizard and the Shield in Pep Comics #4 came out the month prior.

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