The Huntress

Real Name


First Appearance

Doll Man #17 (July 1948)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Woolfolk & Alex Kotzky


After her fiance, George Barrows, left her for another woman and struck her in the face, Diane decided to get her revenge by hunting him down like the animals she had killed on safari. She was such a skilled hunter, that she did not need a gun, only a bow. Darrel Dane, aka the Doll Man, witnessed her kill Barrows and tried to stop her, but she managed to escape. She then attempted to hunt down Dane and sent an arrow into his chest, but he wore a bullet proof vest, which saved his life. Finally, the Huntress kidnapped Dane's friend, Martha, but the Doll Man managed to rescue her and send Diane to jail.

Powers and Abilities

The Huntress was an expert hunter, who claimed that she never missed with a bow. She was apparently even more deadly with a gun, though she felt it was too easy to kill with one. The Huntress could also attach a steel line to her arrows, which allowed her to scale the sides of buildings. She often attacked from rooftops. She was very athletic and daring. The Huntress also used chloroform and may have made use of bear traps. She appeared to be very wealthy, and was described as "beautiful."

Public Domain Appearances

  • Doll Man #17