The Ice King of Mars

Real Name


First Appearance

Top-Notch Comics #5 (Feb. 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Otto Binder and Jack Binder


Princess Elda and Dr. Joel Meade go to explore some strange asteroids. When they do not return in a timely manner, Scott Rand sends out a message by radio. Instead of hearing from them, he receives a terse message from Kruzzo, the Ice King of Mars. Kruzzo says he is holding Dr. Meade and Elda captive, daring Rand to rescue them.

Scott and Thor fly with the Earth Fleet to Mars rescue the captive pair. On arriving at the equatorial belt of Mars, they see Kruzzo's Pirates attacking a beautiful city there. Helping the Earth Fleet clearing the pirates, Thor and Scott land to ask after information on Kruzzo.

The pair are told that Kruzzo maintains a heavily-fortified fortress on the Southern ice cap of Mars. The Earth Fleet and Scott fly to the fort and engage in an hours-long battle. Scott lands his ship with Thor, going into the fortress to rescue Meade and Elda. Under force, a guard points out the cell where they are kept. With his axe, Thor smashes the lock on the cells, freeing the pair.

An alarm sounds, alerting Kruzzo's forces. The group is captured, and Kruzzo decides it would be amusing to execute them with Thor's axe. Thor tears himself free of the guards, while Meade throws a rock at the "delicate air apparatus". This disrupts the machinery and causes a massive explosion. The blast causes giant boulders and ice to crash down upon Kruzzo and his men, killing them. Once outside again, they see the Earth Fleet has been successful in their battle against Kruzzo's pirates.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Top-Notch #3
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