Real Name


First Appearance

Nature Boy #5 (February 1957)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Siegel and John Buscema


Ikzip was a six-armed alien from the planet Jupiter who came to earth, offering the small town of Centerville a chance to open up his spacecraft as a tourist attraction. In return, Ikzip wanted to transport the entire town back to Jupiter. When the mayor refused, Ikzip decided to abduct all of the youths in the town using his Hypnojive flute. However, he was stopped by Nature Boy.

Powers and Abilities

Ikzip had six arms and was very strong. He seemed to have some form of telepathy. He could also play "Hypnojive" on a flute-like instrument, which caused young people to be hypnotized and open to his suggestions. He also flew his own interplanetary ship. Ikzip tended to talk about himself in the third person. It is unclear if he was an organism in a space suit or if he was a robot.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Nature Boy #5


  • Ikzip is essentially a modern, sci-fi version of the Pied Piper.
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