Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Flash #4 (July 1955)

Original Publisher


Created by

Mike Sekowsky


Investigating what appeared to be a meteorite, Captain Flash and Ricky enter the impact crater to find a flying saucer. They are seized by duplicates of themselves and brought on-board the ship and them back to the Alien's home-world. Mirago - the Lord of Imagions - explains how since their sun lost its gravitational hold on the planet, Imago is turning back into the gaseous state it was 10 million years ago. He says that one spark will cause them all to be atomized. Not wanting to end his family's 2 million year dynasty, he plans for them to use their shape-shifting abilities to insert themselves into positions of power and take over the world.

Captain Flash and Ricky fight their way out, escaping on a stolen saucer after Flash destroyed the other ships. They inform Mayor Dalton of the experience and he vows to take action. Although unbeknownst to them, Dalton has already been replaced by an Imagion.

Powers and Abilities

The Imagions are technologically advanced and are able to shape-shift, as well as imitate voices. However in human form, Imagions have green palms of their hands.

Spencer and Ricky being brought before Mirago

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Flash #4
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