Impossible Man
Impossible man

Real Name

Hugh Mann

First Appearance

Red Band Comics #3 (April 1945)

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Golden Age Origin

Hugh Mann was a loser on Earth who was unemployed and unloved. However he was intelligent and decided to build a rocket ship to go to Mars to prove his worth. However his controls break sending him spiraling into space and off course. Eventually he landed on the lost planet of Brutus.

Brutus was inhabited by superhumans, and only superhumans. On this planet, everyone has superpowers like super strength, flight, super invulnerability. The people of Brutus all wear capes and tights and everyone called themselves by superhero names like Super Cop, Super Judge, Super Mayor, and etc. To the people of Brutus, Hugh was a super weakling and since he could not fly, a cripple. They initially covered him in cotton padding for his own protection.

Flatfeet Fogarty, the Super Cop, was the first person on Brutus to meet Hugh and had him arrested and put on trial by Super Judge. However, his trial was interrupted by Super Phony who had super hypnotism. Hugh outwits Super Phoney however by using a mirror to reflect back the villain's hypnotism. Since he succeeded at an impossible task, Hugh was declared by Super Judge to now be the Impossible Man.

In another adventure, Impossible Man invented electricity on Brutus and outwitted the superhuman Electro by using AC against the villains' DC. He also helped rid the city of a Super Termite infestation by using Super Bats to eat the insects.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Red Band Comics #3-4
  • Meteor Comics #1
  • Captain Wizard Comics #1


  • Not be confused with Marvel's unrelated Impossible Man character who appears in the Fantastic Four and is NOT public domain.

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