Real Name


First Appearance

Zip Comics #10 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Blair and Paul Reinman


Originally a circus fire-eater, Inferno teamed up with fellow performers Twisto the Rubber Man and Hefto the Strongman to kill John Sterling who Twisto figured out was really Steel Sterling. Steel faked his death and caught the trio mid-heist. Inferno blasts Steel in the face with his fire breath allowing the criminals to escape temporarily. However each later faces their untimely demise, Hefto fell to his death and Twisto was shot by the police after impersonating another criminal, Pig Pan Wood.

When Pig Pan was declared dead, he took on a new identity, the Rattler. Sterling goes undercover as a criminal bum to catch the real Pig Pan Wood and gets Inferno to join forces with him. However during the heist, they encounter the Rattler who has killed the guard using his poison syringes. Rattler then attacked Steel and Inferno comes to his partner's aid. Unfortunately, Inferno was poisoned, but Steel rushes him to get medical help. When Inferno awakens, Steel Sterling reveals that he was the bum and thanks Inferno for risking his own life to him. Inferno decides to fight for justice with Steel instead of against him. Together they foil the Rattler's attempt to break into the treasury. When the police arrive, Inferno turns himself in in order to make up for his crimes.

Steel also gets himself arrested as the bum in order to foil a sinister plot. While in jail, they learn of a jail break. Inferno and Steel go along with the plan in order to save Dora Cummings and her Father. After the other criminals were caught, Steel Sterling suggests to the authorities that Inferno should be put up for parole, but he declines wanting to fulfill his debt to society.

After he returned to prison, another prison break occurs and Inferno sabotages it by saving the criminals intended victims Judge Sands and his daughter. Judge Sands tells him that Inferno has been ordered to be shot on sight; but the judge felt Inferno had proven himself and told him to run. While Inferno was now a fugitive, he was inspired by Steel Sterling's example became a crime fighter.

Powers and Abilities

Inferno could breathe flames which he could use to melt through steel and bullets.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Zip Comics #10-13
  • Blue Ribbon Comics #13-19

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