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The Inquisitor is an officer of The High Court of the Dead. Directly answerable to The Judges of the Dead, his position combines the offices of prosecutor and executioner, granting him jurisdiction over both The Beyond and the Living World.

Sometimes confused with The Specter of Death, The Inquisitor serves the Lords of Judgement, delivering their summons and carrying out their verdicts whenever required. As such, he is charged with prosecuting the evil and delivering the guilty to Hell.

On occasion, The Inquisitor is empowered to cross over to Realm of the Living to investigate unauthorized supernatural activities or apprehend escapees from final justice. His main targets in this regard are mortals who have violated the Laws of Life and Death, in which case he is sanctioned to execute the offender and drag their soul before the Court. His intermittent appearances throughout history have added to the myth of The Grim Reaper, with whom he is closely identified.


Tales from the Beyond No.1. The Inquisitor made his debut in the cover story, "A Match Made In Hell."

Being both immortal and undead, The Inquisitor cannot be harmed in any physical sense. He is also impervious to virtually any form of supernatural attack launched by mortal agencies. In common with The Lords of Judgment, he has the ability to take human form in the Living Realm, although rarely wears any disguise when performing his missions. To his victims, he always appears as a gruesome, moldering corpse wrapped in a black shroud, the sight of which cause insanity or even heart failure. His very presence shrivels vegetation and causes birds to drop dead from the skies: when empowered with a Death Warrant, his slightest touch can kill any mortal he comes into contact with. He is considered one of the most powerful entities of The Beyond, second only to The Grim Reaper and The Lords of Judgement.

Crossover storylines

In recent years, The Inquisitor's Earth-side missions have brought him into direct conflict with mortal characters such as Private Detective Ace Brogan and the mentally unstable demon-hunter, Masque. Brogan is believed to have trailed the Inquisitor while investigating a series of ritual murders during the late 40's and barely escaped with his life. Decades later, Masque's encounter with various supernatural beings drove him mad; it is rumored that Masque is the only human being to ever survive The Inquisitor's lethal touch.

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