Invaders from Venus
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Erica and a Fellow Venusian

Real Name


First Appearance

Moon Girl and the Prince #1 (Fall 1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Woolfolk and Sheldon Moldoff


On the planet Venus, an amazonian race was on the verge of a mass extinction, due to death of all their males. To avert this fate, their queen sent her confidant Erica and a squad on a mission to capture men from Earth.

Once on Earth, they landing in Rawley College, where Lionel Manning A.K.A. Prince Mengu, was engaged in sports. They quickly set their sights on and subdued him. However, Moon Girl arrives just in time and forced them to flee.

Outside of our orbit, Erica's continued infatuation with the prince caused her to return once more to try and capture him. Moon Girl soundly defeated them this time and the invaders promise never to try and return on earth.

However, they were unable to keep this promise, and returned again in Moon Girl #6. This time the invaders created earthquakes to distract Moon Girl from their kidnapping activities. However, they were once again defeated by Moon Girl, who this time hurled their out of control ship into space.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Moon Girl and the Prince #1
  • Moon Girl #6

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