The Invisible Avenger

Real Name

Buzz Allen

First Appearance

Superworld Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Kosmos Publications

Created by

Charles Hornig (as Derwin Lesser) & Ray Burley


Buzz was an amateur ham radio enthusiast whose father was murdered by gangsters. Later, he installs a "super-electron tube" in his radio as a power booster,but it accidentally turns his radio invisible. He converts this invisibility technology into a belt that could turn him invisible. Assisted by his friend, Will Lawrence, and inspired by his father's murder, Buzz sets out to fight crime and uphold justice using his amazing new technology. Buzz and Will later visited a colony of the descendants of the survivors of Atlantis.

Powers and Abilities

Buzz and Will fought crime using the invisibility belts, conventional firearms, and later, collapsible electron ray guns.


Public Domain Appearances

  • Superworld Comics #1-3

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