Invisible Terror

Real Name

Tom Wade

First Appearance

C-M-O Comics #1 (1942)

Original Publisher


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Golden Age Origin

Tom Wade was a drifter who stumbled onto the home of Dr. Cortell, a retired scientist. The scientist took pity on the young man and made him a research assistant. Together, they developed a formula that could make anyone invisible. When Dr. Cortell died of natural causes a few days later, he entrusted Tom with safeguarding the formula. But when a mercenary named De Pix kidnapped Dr. Cortell's children, he used the formula to rescue them and bring the criminal to justice. He turned the formula over to the U.S. government, but he kept a copy in order to continue fighting crime as the mystery man known as the Invisible Terror.

Tom was assisted by Dr. Cortell's children - Nancy, Jack and Jerry Cortell.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Cortell's formula made the person who injected it temporarily invisible. The duration of invisibility is directly proportional to the dosage - the more formula a person ingests, the longer it will last.

Historical Note

C-M-O Comics were commissioned by Chicago Mail Order Company. The characters wore clothes and used various products that could be ordered from the company catalog. Just about every page had ads that explained what those products were and what page of the catalog they were listed on.

Golden Age Appearances

  • C-M-O Comics #1-2

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