Irma Vep

Real Name

Irma Vep

First Appearance

Les Vampires (Film, 1915)

Original Publisher


Created by

Louis Feuillade and Musidora


Irma Vep was a leading agent and strategist of the mysterious gang that called themselves The Vampires. The Vampires were master thieves and assassins, skilled in fighting, infiltration and even hypnotism. They dressed in tight black leotards and ninja-like masks. They used poison, knockout gas and conventional firearms in battle. The Vampires operated in Paris under the command of the Grand Vampire. Irma was hypnotized by Juan Moreno, a rival gangster, into killing the Grand Vampire, but later, it was revealed that there was an even higher authority pulling the strings. After Irma was caputred and sentenced to an Algerian penal colony, Satanas, "Lord of the Vampires" used an electronic cannon to destroy the ship she was travelling on. Irma survived, escaped and returned to Paris. After Satanas was captured, a man calling himself "Venomous" became the new Lord of the Vampires. Irma and Venemous were engaged to be married before Venemous was killed.

Vep worked as a singer at the Howling Cat nightclub and demonstrated good acting ability by posing as a variety of characters, using such aliases as Juliette Barteaux and Aurelie Plateau.



  • Irma Vep is an anagram for Vampire.
  • Although a member of a group called "The Vampires," Irma (and all the other members) was a regular human.
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