Iron Mask

Real Name

Ed Lacerton

First Appearance

Tim Holt #32 (1952)

Original Publisher

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Frank Bolle


The man known as Iron Mask was a criminal that terrorized the town of Bullet and the surrounding areas with robberies. Lacerton was a gunsmith and his face had been severely pocked by powder burns. In order to diguise these distinguishing features, he decided to wear a full face mask when he turned to crime. As a result, Sheriff Gage and Tim Holt a.k.a. Red Mask were clueless as to who he was.

One day, the Mask sent a note to Holt warning him to stop the search for him or he would hang him, later following a trail left by the Mask,Holt is caught by surprise by an ambush set up by the villain.

Hanging Holt by a noose the Mask reveals his identity to Holt before leaving to rob a train. Unknown to Iron Mask is that Holt is wearing a special leather collar around his neck under his neckerchief that prevents him from being choked. Holt dons his Red Mask identity and sets off to stop the Mask.

The Red Mask confronts Iron Mask atop the train carrying gold bars the two struggle and the Iron Mask slips while trying to pull his gun. He falls into a river the train is passing over and drowns due to the weight of his iron mask pulling him down.

Powers and Abilities

The Iron Mask was athletic and carried a variety of firearms. He was also a skilled gunsmith.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Tim Holt #32
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