Iron Mask

Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Flash #1 (November 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Mike Sekowsky and Martin Smith


Iron Mask was a villain who planted a lead-coated hydrogen bomb in Atom City and challenged Captain Flash and Ricky Davis to find it. The only clue he gave them was a riddle. Captain Flash was able to decipher the riddle and traveled to Matto Grosso, where he encountered Iron Mask's robots, which were modeled after monsters from the Ancient Greek myth (mostly the Odyssey). After defeating the monsters, he realized that their names were a clue to the bomb's location - a construction site. With less than seconds to spare, he used his powers to disable the bomb... Only to discover that Iron Mask used it as a distraction to sneak into the city's atomic energy plant and steal radioactive cobalt. Thanks to Ricky's timely intervention, Captain Flash was able to stop the Iron Mask, but he seemingly fell to his death before he could be apprehended.

The story strongly hinted that Iron Mask would become a recurring enemy, but this was his only appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Iron Mask was a brilliant inventor who was able to create a proton gun and life-like robots of various shapes and sizes. He also seemed to have at least some knowledge of nuclear physics.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Flash #1
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