Public Domain Super Heroes
Iron Vic

Real Name


First Appearance

Single Series #22 (1940)

Original Publisher

United Features Syndicate

Created by

Bernard Dibble


Dr. Degnan and Professor Carvel treated a dying amnesiac whom they found on a beach with a serum they developed. The formula, when irradiated with infra-red light, would grant both super strength and super intellect. Professor Carvel died soon after treating the amnesiac, but Dr. Degnan aided the mysterious man who became the crime fighter known as Iron Vic. When WWII broke out, he joined the US Marines, and after the war ended, he went to play ball for a minor league baseball team called the Panthers.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Single Series #22
  • Tip Top Comics #77-80, 83-90
  • Comics Revue #3

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