Ivan Tsarevitch

Real Name

Tsar Ivan

First Appearance

Narodnye russkie skazki (1855)

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Ivan Tsarevitch is a hero with royal blood, who is seen in a number of Russian fairy tales. He is the son of Nastasya the Golden Braid and has three sisters, Anna, Maria and Olga. His brothers in law are all shape changing wizards who accompany him on his adventures as various kinds of animals, usually birds. Ivan seems to have the help of the forest animals on a regular basis. He also carries the sword Kladenets.

In "The Death of Koschei the Deathless," Ivan falls in love with Marya Morevna and accidentally sets free the evil wizard Koschei the Deathless. After Marya is kidnapped by Koschei, Ivan is forced to find a way to free his love and kill the unkillable wizard.


The name Ivan Tsarevitch is similar to the name "Prince Charming" in that it is not usually considered the specific name of the character.

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