Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Wilfred d'Ivanhoe

First Appearance

Ivanhoe (novel, 1820)

Original Publisher

Created by

Sir Walter Scott


Wilfred of Ivanhoe is disinherited by his father Cedric of Rotherwood for supporting the Norman King Richard, The Lionheart and for falling in love with the Lady Rowena, Cedric's ward and a descendant of the Saxon Kings of England. Cedric had planned to marry her to the powerful Lord Aethelstane, pretender to the Crown of England through his descent from the last Saxon King, Harold Godwinson, thus cementing a Saxon political alliance between two rivals for the same claim.

Ivanhoe accompanies King Richard on the Crusades, where he is said to have played a notable role in the Siege of Acre. After returning from the crusades, Ivanhoe fights in a tournament held by Prince John, hiding his identity, and calling himself "Desdichado." Ivanhoe dispatches all of his opponents (including Maurice de Bracy and Briand de Bois-Guilbert) in the jousting tournament, and wins the rest of the tournament With the help of a mysterious Black Knight. After claiming victory, Ivanhoe is forced to reveal his identity, and Prince John considers this a bad sign, as he may be a herald of King Richard's return. Ivanhoe, wounded from the intense tournament in brought into the care of Lady Rebecca and her father Issac.

Maurice de Bracy, a leader of a group known as "Free Companions" (mercenary knights) becomes infatuated with Lady Rowena and decides to kidnap her. Rowena, Cedric, the wounded Ivanhoe, Rebecca and Issac are taken captive by de Bracy's men and taken to the castle Torquilstone. However, the company is soon rescued by the the Black Knight (King Richard) and Robin Hood.


King Richard helps to reconcile Ivanhoe with his father. Meanwhile, Briand de Bois-Guilbert's passion for Rebecca becomes known, a violation of his vows as a Templar Knight, and she is put on trial as a witch. Ivanhoe comes to fight as her champion in trial by combat, and defeats Briand who had little desire to win. Rebecca and her father flee the country, and Ivanhoe marries his love, the Lady Rowena.

Ivanhoe is an exceptional warrior, a skilled horseman and jouster. He carries the standard weapons and armor of a knight.

Public Domain Films[]

  • Ivanhoe (1911) Directed by Stuart Blackton
  • Ivanhoe (1913) Directed by Herbert Brenon
  • Ivanhoe (1913) Directed by Leedham Bantock

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