Jack Harkaway

Real Name

Jack Harkaway

First Appearance

Jack Harkaway's School Days (in Boys of England, 1871)

Original Publisher

Created by

Bracebridge Hemyng


Jack Harkaway was an orphan, and attended the Pomona House School, run by Mr. Craucor and his wife. However, he soon felt tired of his troubles at the school and decided to run away and have a life of adventure on the sea. He was accompanied by chums such as Dick Harvey and Harry Girdwood.

Jack thwarted dozens of criminals and insidious villains as he travelled the world. He also competed against many bloodthristy rivals. Jack himself adhered to a strict moral code, as might be expected of a proper English schoolboy. He was extremely courageous and level headed, and believed in demonstrating honor and respect. However, he was also a prankster, with a bit of a mean streak. He was a good fighter (his punch was said to pack the wallop of a donkey's kick), and he was pretty brutal in dealing with his enemies. He was also a good sailor and a good hunter and he usually carried a rifle on his expeditions.

Later, he returned to England, went to Oxford and presumably married his sweetheart, Emily. He then had a son who he named Jack, and the dauntless "young Jack" accompanied his father on further adventures throughout the world. He eventually had a grandson as well.

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