Jack Strand

Real Name

Jack Strand

First Appearance

Funny Picture Stories v2 #1 (Sept. 1937)

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Golden Age Origin

When Homer was dying, he gave Jack Strand, who was engaged to his niece Diana Carlin, a special gem. Homer explained the gemstone will protect Strand from Psyk, a villain from the fourth dimension, the world of the subconscious, who sought to conquer the third dimension.

Upon learning of Jack inheriting her uncle's jewel, Diana demanded it back, but her fiance refused. Strand eventually discovered that Diana was in fact working with Psyk. Jack went to the fourth dimension and defeated Psyk and won Diana back.

In his later adventures, Jack Strand dealt with the aquatic race known as the Milo.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Funny Picture Stories v2 #1-11
  • Amazing Mystery Funnies v2 #7-8


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