Jack of Spades
The Winning Card!

Real Name

Jack of Spades

First Appearance

Tops Comics # 2001 (1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Albert Magarian & Florence Magarian


When an innocent man is murdered in a gambling den, his last card, the Jack of Spades, falls from his hand and comes to life as it hits the floor. Jack swears to avenge the man and rid the entire world of crime. Then he "returns to his paper form, where he may always be found in any deck of cards awaiting the call of mystery and adventure in his battle against the forces of evil."

In his second adventure, a large group of Army nurses are aboard the Albatross, headed for the fighting front. Suddenly, they are attacked by Hawkmen and are taken to the den of their leader, Mercuro. The fiend intends to transform them into Hawkwomen. The Jack of Spades stops this evil plan.

Powers and Abilities

He has the powers of flight and a very stretchable cloak.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Tops Comics #2001

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