Jagga the Space Raider

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Captain Midnight #52 (June, 1947)

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Golden Age Origin

Jagga is a savage fiend from the planet Pluto, who committed crimes, including cold blooded murder, on every planet in our solar system. He was a recurring enemy of Captain Midnight, who claimed that Jagga was the most evil creature in the universe, and that his only goal was the destruction of civilization on all planets. However, Jagga was clearly interested in power, as he set himself up as a dictator on at least one world. He was also known to be interested in stealing riches. He usually talked down to other sentients, referring to them as "worms" and the like.  He was eventually tried and convicted for his crimes in an American court of law, but he managed to escape justice once again.


Jagga was described as an evil genius, and he clearly possessed brutish strength as well. Standing around 7 feet tall, he was able to lift a full grown human male over his head, toss a "Magatron Bomb" by hand and swim through a stormy sea that would drown most humans. However, Captain Midnight proved that he could best Jagga in hand to hand combat (though not easily). Jagga, like other members of his Plutonian race, had large claws and fangs and was completely immune to the damaging effects of high voltage electricity. In fact, a surge of electricity increased his strength to superhuman levels, and allowed him to make superhuman leaps (at least 20 feet in the air). Jagga also had a limited degree of immunity to high levels of radiation that would kill most other creatures, though it could put him in a temporary coma.

Jagga often carried a ray gun, and sometimes worked with henchmen of his own race, including one named Gool.  He operated from a secret base on Earth's moon and commanded his own interplanetary ship.

Golden Age Appearances

Captain Midnight #52-57

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