Jane McLeod

Real Name

Jane McLeod

First Appearance

Space Western #44 (1953)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson


After a flying saucer lands near the McLeod Farm, Pop McLeod goes to investigate. Jane warns him to be careful. After he is shot by a sniper, Jane rushes off to get help from the nearest ranch, which is the Bar-Z owned by Spurs Jackson. Spurs goes to investigate, discovering a Soviet agent, Colonel Steigev, is behind the flying saucer, that is a craft that only manages 650 mph for a top speed. His plot is to cause panic by planting the idea of an alien invasion in the populace. With the assistance of Pops, Spurs captures the plotters and their craft.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Western #44

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