Jason Casan

Real Name

Jason Casan

First Appearance

Space Adventures #8 (Sept. 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Carl Memling; Art Cappello; Dick Giordano


Jason Casan is rescued from his wrecked spaceship when it crash lands on an asteroid named Vulca. His rescuers are the aged Doctor Artuk and the young and beautiful blonde woman named Clio. Clio nurses Jason back to health. Jason and Clio fall in love. Jason cannot repair his ship, and there isn't enough fuel on Vulca to return to Earth. Jason tries to tell Doctor Artuk about the affair. Clio cleaves the doctor's scalp with an axe. Jason escapes with Clio in a small rocket used to send prisoners to Vulca. Her wax skin melts due to the high temperature in the rocket, revealing she is a robot.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #8

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