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Jean Starr
Jean starr.JPG

Real Name

Jean Starr

First Appearance

Exciting Comics #9 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Richard Hughes and Dave Gabrielson


Jean Starr was an assistant D.A. and former secretary to the Mayor Brant. She often tagged along on the Black Terror's adventures. Bob Benton (Black Terror) was interested in her but she thought of him as both cowardly and lazy when compared to his costumed alter ego. However, she was attracted to Black Terror and was obsessed with finding his secret identity. Besides Benton she was also friends with city comptroller Rodney Clark. Jean was depicted as both a blonde and a brunette.

Golden Age Appearances

  • America's Best Comics vol. 1 #2
  • Black Terror vol. 1 #1-2, 4-21, 23-26
  • Exciting Comics #9, 45


  • The Nedor comics were renewed by Popular Library, which was eventually bought out by Fawcett Books. When Fawcett went out of business, Popular Library was sold to Warner Bros. A number of different publishers, however, are currently/have been using these characters without any lawsuits from Warner Bros., so any action over them is (probably) unlikely. They are still, however, "use at your own risk" characters.

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