Real Name


First Appearance

The Merchant of Venice

Created by

William Shakespeare

Jessica is a character from William Shakespeare's comedy The Merchant of Venice (first published in 1600, but known to have been written and performed before 1598).


Jessica is the daughter of Shylock and his deceased wife Leah. Her father is mean and strict, and she compares her house to hell, even more so after the jolly servant Lancelot leaves. But her main source of unhappiness is how Shylock would forbid her from marrying the man she loves, Lorenzo, on the grounds that Lorenzo is a Christian and they are Jewish. This eventually prompts Jessica to elope with Lorenzo and convert to Christianity. This makes Shylock furious, not only because she escaped, but also because she stole several things from him to be able to sell them for money, chief among them a ring which had been previously given to him by Leah. This leaves Shylock devastated.

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