Joe Dugan

Real Name

Joe Dugan

First Appearance

Fantastic Fears #2 (1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Iger


Joe Dugan runs a shooting gallery at a carnival where Millie Sears and Chun, the Snake Charmer also work. When Chun reveals his attraction to Millie, she laughs it off. When talking with Joe later, he convinces her that Chun has a hidden fortune, and they should take it from him. Millie goes to Chun, pretending to accept their relationship so she can see where he hides the money. Chun shows her that he keeps the money with his cobras.


Chun with Millie, Joe cobras

They go to Chun's tent, where Joe stabs Chun while he sleeps. Joe continues to the cobra cage, killing the cobras as well and retrieving the money.

Chun reveals himself, saying Joe had only stabbed a dummy. He calls down the Cobra Curse on Millie and Joe, turning the pair into cobras. Chun uses them in his act in lieu of the snakes killed by Joe. At night, Chun amuses himself by controlling the pair with his flute while their heads are in human form. Millie and Joe plead to be released from the Cobra Curse, which Chun tells them he will never do. When the reed breaks on his flute, the pair bite him with the speed and venom of cobras and kill him. The pair are to remain cursed, as only Chun could removed the spell.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #2

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