Doctor Joel Meade

Real Name

Joel Meade

First Appearance

Top-Notch Comics #1 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Otto Binder (as "Eando Binder") & Jack Binder

Golden Age Origin

Scott Rand pilots the Time Car, a vehicle designed by its inventor, Dr. Joel Meade. The purpose of the vehicle is to travel through time. On its maiden voyage, they take the Time Car to ancient Rome, arriving in 200 A.D.

They observe a Viking invasion, in which the Vikings are losing badly. They rescue the last Viking survivor of the battle, a man by the name of Thor, and take them with him.

They then travel to ancient Egypt and rescue Princess Elda. Elda was about to become a sacrifice to Ishtar after she was accused of witchcraft. Dr. Meade finds teaching Princess Elda and Thor the English language a bit frustrating at first. The atavistic pair seems to pick up a rudimentary ability, however.

The group then travels to the "time of the dinosaurs". The time travelers run afoul of a "blood-thirsty monster" of a dinosaur, which Dr. Meade summarily dispatches with a "well-aimed hand-bomb". The group continues their travels through time.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Top-Notch #1-3

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