John Thundercloud

Real Name

John Thundercloud

First Appearance

Indian Braves #1 (1951)

Original Publisher

Ace Magazines

Created by

Ace Baker


Chief Thundercloud was an itinerant Sioux chief and warrior. He is the son of the Sioux Chief Orookee. He rides a horse named Grey wind. From Indian Braves #1:

"In the days of the Golden West, when one frontier had died and another was just being born...history calls this period the "Bloody Era", for the ruthless cattle kings, the renegade Indians, and the lawless towns had finally come into their own! But out of the Black Mountains rode an intrepid Indian warrior destined to become a symbol of justice, striking terror into the hearts of his enemies and bringing law and order to white man and Indian alike! Such a man was John Thundercloud, greatly feared and respected!"

John Thundercloud's rival, Spitting Snake, wants to win the heart of the Sioux woman Snow Mist. Spitting Snake overhears the two talking affectionately to each other, John Thundercloud professing his love and intentions to marry her. This drives Spitting Snake to take a vow to vanquish Thundercloud and the latter's plans for a peaceful existence between the white settlers and the Sioux people.

Spitting Snake vows, " "May I be struck dead before I let John Thundercloud take Snow Mist away from me! I shall lead the Sioux into a deadly battle against the whites, or perish trying! He who tries to stop me, shall die!" After his defeat at Thundercloud's hand, Spitting Snake takes his own life.


John Thundercloud is skilled at horsemanship and hand-to-hand combat. He possesses the "Great Shield of Talamassa". The shield, created under orders of the legendary Sioux Chief Talamassa from the hide of a rare white buffalo he killed in a hunt. Thought by the Sioux to give special powers to win battles, Chief Thundercloud uses it to successfully defeat an opposing tribe of Blackfeet in one case. The shield has written on it in Sioux the following inscription:
Talamassa's shield

Talamassa's shield

"May Talamassa's shield hang forever in peace and our people live as brothers with other nations!"

The shield and Chief Talamassa are only used in one story from Indian Braves #2.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Indian Braves # 1-4


When in formal battle or war situation, Thundercloud wears a Sioux headdress, also called a warbonnet. In his travels, he wears the clothing commonly associated with a cowboy: pants, button shirt, and cowboy hat.

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