Real Name


First Appearance

Night of the Living Dead (Oct. 1, 1968)

Original Publisher

The Walter Reade Organization

Created by

George A. Romero & John A. Russo


In 1968, Johnny and his sister, Barbara, drove to a cemetery in Pittsburgh to visit their deceased father's grave. During the visit, Johnny often teased Barbara about their childhood, in which Barbara was often subject to cruel scare-jokes. Johnny then kept chanting, "They're coming to get you, Barbara!" and when a strange man was seen walking through the cemetery, he made cruel jokes about how that man was going to come after her, not realizing how right he was.

Annoyed, Barbara was about to walk up to the stranger and apologize for her brother's juvenile behavior, until the stranger attacked her. Johnny rushed to her aid and fought the stranger until he was thrown down on the ground and suffered a fatal blow to the head when the stranger threw it down on a gravestone.

Later, when revived as a zombie, Johnny pulled Barbara into a group of more zombies who quickly surrounded her.


Night of the Living Dead entered the public domain because the original theatrical distributor, the Walter Reade Organization, neglected to place a copyright indication on the prints. In 1968, United States copyright law required a proper notice for a work to maintain a copyright. Image Ten displayed such a notice on the title frames of the film beneath the original title, Night of the Flesh Eaters. The distributor removed the statement when it changed the title.

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