Johnny Rebel
Johnny Rebel

Real Name

John Bailey

First Appearance

Yankee Comics #2 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler /Harvey

Created by


Golden Age Origin

John Bailey, a 15-year-old boy from an unknown Southern state. When his grandfather, Colonel Bailey, a Confederate veteran and plantation owner, was killed by Nazi agents, he set to defend his homeland against other Nazi agents as Johnny Rebel. He wore a costume that his his grandfather passed on to him on his 15th birthday.

Johnny Rebel had no super powers but was a good fighter and acrobat. He was assisted by his family's African American butler and friend, Rufus. Johnny Rebel teamed up with Yankee Boy and Yankee Doodle Jones, his fellow Yankee Comics characters, in a three-part text story published in Yankee Comics #3.

Historic Note

Another version of Johnny Rebel appeared in Harvey Comics All-New Short Story Comics #1. The character designs were nearly identical. Aside from the costume colors, the only major difference between the two versions was that the Harvey Comics version was a historic character who lived in pre-Civil War South while Harry 'A' Chesler version lived in the modern day (1940s). Some fans have suggested that the former was the ancestor of the latter, but that's just speculation.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Yankee Comics #2-4
  • Bulls Eye Comics #11 (reprint)
  • All-New Short Story Comics #1
  • Danger Comics #16
  • Authentic Police Cases #2

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