Jon Juan
Jon Juan

Real Name

Jon Juan

First Appearance

Jon Juan #1 (1950)

Original Publisher

Toby Press

Created by

Jerry Siegel and Alex Schomburg

Golden Age Origin

Jon Juan was a pleasure-loving native of Atlantis. Born thousands of years ago, he earned a reputation as a flirt and womanizer who left a trail of broken hearts everywhere he went. Eventually, his fellow Atlanteans got fed up with Jon's antics and decided to give him some old-fashioned mob justice.

As Jon fled his pursuers, he fell into the ice-cold sea and was frozen in a block of ice. His body remained preserved for centuries, long after Atlantis fell, until it eventually washed up on a tropical island, where the iceberg melted and Jon regained consciousness.

Jon Juan spent his long life wandering the world, wooing any pretty woman he happened to come across. While he was good at the wooing part, he could never figure out how to stay committed. Of course, the fact that he was doomed to outlive all his lovers probably didn't help.


Jon Juan is immortal (from the sea weed frozen in the ice along with him). While he can be injured, he can recover within a few hours.

Thanks to thousands of years of practice, he has become a skilled fighter proficient in a wide variety of weapons and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

He's also picked up a wide variety of useful skills, including acrobatics, horseback riding and bull fighting.

Original Golden Age Appearance

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