The 18 Jos

Real Name

The Jos...

First Appearance

Tik-Tok of Oz (1914)

Original Publisher


Created by

L. Frank Baum


These are the various citizens named Jo from the Kingdom of Oogaboo. They each own orchards of trees on which their namesake grows. All but Jo Candy were recruited to serve in Queen Ann of Oogaboo's Army.

They are:

  • General Jo Apple
  • Colonel Jo Banjo
  • General Jo Bunn - Jo Bunn is married and has children. He also has an orchard where graham-buns and wheat-buns grow on the trees in great variety, both hot and cold.
  • Captain Jo Buttons
  • Major Jo Cake
  • Jo Candy - He has an orchard of candy trees which produce crops of jackson-balls, lemon-drops, bonbons, and chocolate creams. He also mows and threshes large fields of crackerjack and buttered popcorn.
  • Colonel Jo Cheese
  • General Jo Clock - Jo Clock lives in a cottage. Since he was the fourth general in the Army, he suggested that the Queen make the rest of the recruits colonels.
  • General Jo Cone - Jo Cone lives in a cottage with his wife, Jo who is a good fighter who conquered him years ago. His orchard grows ice cream cones.
  • Colonel Jo Egg
  • Private Jo Files
  • Major Jo Ham
  • Major Jo Nails
  • Captain Jo Padlocks
  • Colonel Jo Plum
  • Captain Jo Sandwich
  • Major Jo Stockings
  • Captain Jo Sundae

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