Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Jacques de Tremeuse

First Appearance

Judex (Film, 1916)

Original Publisher

Gaumont Studios

Created by

Louis Feuillade and Arthur Bernède.


After his father was killed, Judex set out on a crusade against crime, assisted by his mother, his younger brother, circus folk and redeemed criminals. He was skilled in fighting, was a master of disguise and had some hypntoic abilities. He is tall, with black hair and he wears all black with a cloak and slouch hat. He flew a plane and had a secret lair beneathe a castle where he kept his prisoners and interrogated them via "television." He sought revenge against Favraux, a corrupt banker, who killed his father, but he spared his life for the sake of Favraux's innocent daughter Jacqueline Aubry whom he had fallen in love with.

Public Domain Film Appearances

  • Judex (1916)
  • La nouvelle mission de Judex (1917)

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