Judges of Death
The Judges of the Dead prepare to pass judgment.

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Worlds of Fear #4 (1952)

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One of The Judges of the Dead, as depicted by Sheldon Moldoff (Worlds of Fear #4)

The Judges of the Dead, also known as the Lords of Judgement, were a trio of supernatural characters that occasionally appeared in Fawcett's early 1950s horror line. According to at least two sources, they held jurisdiction in The Beyond and could, under special circumstances, extend their verdicts to the 'Realm of the Living'. Both spectral and cadaverous in appearance, they had the power to assume human form when crossing over into the living world to conduct investigations. In addition, they had the ability to see the past and predict the future, and were capable of influencing fate to facilitate their needs.

Despite their horrific appearance, The Judges were very fair and offered those who came to their halls the opportunity to meet their desire. However, every request had a price and though it was fair, their judgements could be blunt and brutal often exposing the living to terror inducing outcomes.The Judges primary appearance occurred in the "Worlds of Fear" series from Fawcett Comics line.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Worlds of Fear #4

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