Real Name

Rip Jagger

First Appearance

Special War Series #4 (Nov. 1965)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill and Frank McLaughlin


Rip Jagger was a skilled boxer who joined the Marines after Pearl Harbour and was sent to the Pacific. There, he encountered a group of Japanese refugees who had fled from the mainland rather than live under Emperor Hirohito's banner. He rose to the rank of sergeant and, during one battle, saved the life of a young girl who had blundered onto the battle site. His comrades were all killed, but Jagger's life was saved because the girl was the village leader's granddaughter. The old man convinced Rip to take up the study of the martial art of judo, an art he mastered in a very short time. He was then given a costume and led the villagers against the Japanese warriors stationed on the island who had killed his men. Rip then became a secret agent and fought against villains such as the Cat and the Acrobat.

During his first meeting with the Cat, Rip met a Japanese-American orphan, a boy who he named Tiger and who turned out to be proficient in the martial arts. Donning a costume, he followed Rip gallantly into battle and was able to watch Judomaster defeat the Acrobat one on one in their second to last public domain adventure.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Special War Series #4
  • Judomaster #1-9


  • Like many Charlton characters such as the Tyro Team, Spookman, and Shape, Judomaster is in the public domain thanks to lacking a proper copyright notice (any work published without a proper copyright notice between 1923 and 1977, instantly entered the public domain upon release).

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