June Rogers

Real Name

June Rogers

First Appearance

Amazing Adventures #4 (July-Aug. 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Murphy Anderson, Sy Barry, Frank Giocoia


Captain Bob Bright and his old space-salt friend Gaffy are seeking a cargo for to carry in their cargo spaceship. They find a young woman being assaulted by ruffians and straighten out the gang.

The woman is June Rogers. She and her brother, Stan Rogers, inherited a treasure map from their father. June wants Bob to take them to the asteroid belt to follow the map. Captain Bright agrees to the term of a third for himself and Gaffy. They catch the attention of some space claim-jumpers that follow them.

Camped on an asteroid, Bob and Gaffy begin searching the asteroid belt for the treasure using a space life boat. The search is tedious, but eventually they find the treasure. Back at the base, Stan gets greedy, talking suspicious of Gaffy holding out on the Rogers siblings. Captain Bright sets the young man straight, but Stan fiddles with the life boat so the pair will get lost in space.

The claim jumpers see Stan manipulating the life boat and see it as a perfect time to strike. Stan's intentions to get rid of Bob and Gaffy are revealed, causing June to scold her brother, saying she is in love with Captain Bright.

The claim jumpers intend to blast Captain Bright's ship into space and strand the siblings on the asteroid. Captain Bright and Gaffy have fixed the lifeboat and return. They are prepared for the claim jumpers, seeing something wrong before they arrive. One of the rogues shoots at Bob with his blaster, but Stan tackles Captain Bright out of its path.

The blaster shoots a hole in the air-tight tent. Bob and Gaffy put the helmets on June and Stan so the siblings can breathe. There wasn't time to put helmets on the claim jumpers, so they died.

Stan tries to apologize, but Captain Bright tells him that saving his life was apology enough. On the return trip, Captain Bright and June Rogers are engaged in romantic embraces and kissing.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #4

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