Public Domain Super Heroes
The Jungle Empress

Real Name

Tegra/Zegra (see "Notes" section)

First Appearance

Tegra, Jungle Empress #1 (1948)

Original Publisher

Fox Features Syndicate

Created by



Tegra, the Jungle Empress, dealt with sci-fi threats such as the Soldiers from Saturn and their leader, Queen Zanto. She commanded native warriors and various animals, with her weapon of choice being her dagger. She was aided by Saber, a black panther, and her friend, Zurla, a skilled archer.

Later becoming "Zegra," her jungle was populated by White women and African males. The Jungle Empress protected her village from threats such as wild animals, invading hostile tribes, hunters out to hunt human sport, a group of machine-gun-wielding soldiers who rode flying carpets called "The Flying Death," and the Legion of Mad Mummies.

She was once assisted by Jono, a young boy from her village, and she was also an ally to the French Foreign Legion.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Tegra, Jungle Empress #1
  • Zegra, Jungle Empress #2-5
  • Feature Stories Magazine #3


  • "Tegra" was originally the star of a rewritten Rulah story. However, with issue #2, the re-written re-print stories stopped and completely new stories were written/drawn, with her name changed to "Zegra" (with, common at the time, her hair color changing at random and without explanation).

First appearance as "Tegra."

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