The Jungle Girl

Real Name


First Appearance

Harvey Hits #1 (September 1957)

Original Publisher


Created by

Howard Nostrand


Shirl was a satire/parody of typical "Jungle Girl" characters. Though often referred to as "simple and naïve," she outsmarted all the men in the story (though, at the end of the story, she isn't aware she had done it even though she was the one who had earlier pointed out she was doing it at the very time she did it so..?).

Public Domain Appearances

  • Harvey Hits #1

Powers and Abilities

  • could talk with animals (apes taught her to speak English)
  • "super-sensitive" vision
  • superb powers of recovery
  • immortality (she survived a mine explosion even though it exploded right in front of her and she had no fear of sinking to the bottom of the ocean)


  • Her only appearance was intended for the (never published) third issue of Harvey's Flip parody series.
  • "King Solomon's Mines" is a spoof of H. Rider Haggard's 1885 adventure novel of the same name (the first appearance of Allan Quatermain).
  • Throughout the story, she referred to herself as "Jungle Girl," "Jungle Gal," Jungle Goil," and "Queen of the Jungle."
  • Some sites state the men in this story are the first humans she ever sees (or, at least, remembers seeing) however, upon seeing the first (other than herself, of course) human to appear in the story, she states, "A WHITE MAN!" so she must have encountered other humans somewhere along the way to know we come in other races and genders?
  • An unknown artist (who clearly didn't know much about the sun...) did the last panel and other minor changes.

The sun always sets in the west so this shouldn't have been a question...

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