Jungle Prince
Jungle Prince

Real Name

Prince Kelo

First Appearance

Arrow #3 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Dan Gormley

Golden Age Origin

Prince Kelo,the Jungle Prince, was the adopted white son of King Banok of Balkania in the Siamese jungles. His adopted father was killed by Carnov in an attempt to take over the throne. Kelo managaed to escape with the aid of Sik, his faithful servant. The Prince remembering the legend of Balka, the tiger guardian goes to the legend inscribed statue of the tiger. The myth went that whenever the ruler of Balkania is murdered, at sundown the statue will come to life and seek revenge. The legend ended up being true and Carnov is forced to confess his crimes by Balka before the tiger returned to his stone shape.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Arrow #3

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