Jungle Queen

Real Name

Queen Lothel

First Appearance

The Jungle Queen (Film, 1945)

Original Publisher

Universal Pictures

Created by

Ruth Roman


Lothel is a white woman regarded as a queen by the natives of the jungle in the middle of the continent of Africa. She is a mysterious and seemingly benevolent creature who appears and disappears without explanation, usually bearing important news or a warning. Her knowledge of what happens in the jungle seems to suggest that she is either clairvoyant, or that she has a large and very secret network of spies. She helps American and British agents who are attempting to stop Nazi agents from provoking the tribes of Africa into revolting. Like the natives in her region of Africa, she seems to speak perfect English. She is able to walk through mystical flames which incinerate guilty men, and she may be the one who keeps those flames.



The name Lothel means “White Butterfly” in Tongghilese, and she usually dresses in long flowing white robes with a bare midriff.

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